Sea Echo Motel & Restaurant
Box 179, Port au Choix, NL
A0K 4C0   Canada
Phone: (709) 861-3777 / 3778
Fax: (709) 861-3669

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The Pointe Riche Restaurant overlooks the picturesque harbour front of Port au Choix. Relax, enjoy your meal along with the lovely setting. We offer an elegant selection of fine white and red wines to accompany your meal. The numbers (appearing in brackets) indicate the degree of sweetness of each wine: (1) = Very Dry (2) = Dry (3) = Medium

Cabernet Sauvignon Red Wine (1)
•  Product of Africa, dark cherry red appearance, elegant.
Cruse Curvee French Red Wine (1)
•  Fruity, full-bodied, round. Easy to enjoy.
L'Ambiance Red (2)
•  Canadian red wine. Balanced, full-bodied with a hint of berry fruit. A soft lingering finish.
Le Piat Do'r (2)
•  French white wine. Fruity, fresh flavor to be appreciated.
Chenin Blanc 1998 White (2)
•  African White Wine. Fresh, fruity, dry wine with tropical fruit and melon aroma.
•  House Wine by the Glass $5.75
•  Beer Bottle $3.75
•  Spirits $4.50

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